Kristin Klahn

Director of Development

Kristin successfully owns her own online E-commerce business. Although, she started out as an artist by trade and was able to lend her creative talents to The Chick With Pits in many ways.  This includes having refurbished furniture and donating a percentage of profits to The CWP and creating one-of-a-kind hand stamped pendants and jewelry with 100% of profits benefiting the rescue! Kristin also has a passion for photography that she is quick to put use anytime she visits our area. 

She continues to support where needed and necessary and is quick to take on any role requested of her! Skills she feels she picked up during her time serving in The United States Air Force.  

While her job and the rescue are a huge part of her life, Kristin is a dedicated mother and wife to her family which includes her husband (Louis), son (Liam), and their rescue dog (Sedona). 

She has always been an animal lover and jumped at the chance to join our Board of Directors when we approached her!

Joanna Goodman
Dan Goodman, The Chick With Pits