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Joanna Goodman

CEO & President

Joanna has unofficially been an animal rescuer for the majority of her life. Growing up, she was always rescuing critters of all shapes and sizes. Her very first job was working in a small pet shop and she has been a member of the pet industry as a groomer, boarder, and rescuer. 


The Chick With Pits is the culmination of her lifelong passion and in honor of her first Pibble dogs, Dream and Blaison. She rescued them when she was just 16 years old from a small town where fighting rings were shut down left and right. These pups were pound-bound at just 4 weeks old, as a result of people not spaying and neutering their dogs. This was it! This is what sparked the fire and drive to get educated and really dive deep into trying to help one of the most misunderstood dog breeds out there.


The rescue was officially founded in 2013. Although she has been a certified professional groomer since 2005, Joanna completed her 2nd Pet Groomer certification from Animal Behavior College while earning additional certifications in Canine CPR and Pet Nutrition in 2015. Joanna truly puts her heart and soul into the care of each and every animal they take in. To know her is to love her.

Joanna Goodman
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