Joanna Goodman
Founder, President, and CEO
Joanna has unofficially been an animal rescuer for the majority of her life. Growing up,
she was always rescuing critters of all shapes and sizes. Her very first job was working in
a small pet shop and she has been a member of the pet industry as a groomer, boarder, and

The Chick With Pits is the culmination of her lifelong passion. The rescue was officially 
founded in 2013 and is currently operating out of her and her husband's home. Although 
she has been a professional groomer since 2005, Joanna completed her Pet Groomer 
and Canine CPR certifications from Animal Behavior College in 2015. Joanna is also 
working towards her certifications in Pet Nutrition, and Canine Massage. She is in the 
final stages of opening The Chick With Pit's Grooming Salon, which will generate 
significant funds for the rescue operations. In the future, Joanna plans on offering boarding, 'doggie daycare, and pet training as additional revenue sources for the animal rescue operations.