What is The Chick With Pits?

The Chick With Pits is a 501(c)3 non-profit animal welfare organization located in Caddo Mills, TX. Our mission is to provide no-kill animal rescue and pet sanctuary to any and all animals we are able to help. We are NOT an animal shelter.


How do I surrender my animal?

As an animal rescue, we have limitations on the number of animals we can accept at any point in time. Until our facility is built, we are currently operating out of a very small number of foster homes and have a maximum capacity of 5 animals. If you wish to have an animal considered for surrender, please complete our online Animal Surrender Form. *PLEASE NOTE - completion of this form in NO WAY ensures we are accepting the surrender of your animal. A representative from The Chick With Pits will contact you within 48 hours to discuss your situation.*

One of your adoptables is my pet - how do I get them back?

Occassionally, our rescue accepts an animal who is lost and their owner wants to reclaim them. For all strays, we exhaust all efforts to reunite pets with their families including posting the animal on Lost Dogs of Texas, posting an ad on Craigslist, and notifying local organizations (Greenville Animal Shelter, pet stores, veterinarians, etc.). After these steps, our policy is as follows:
  1. Original owners can reclaim their pet, after proving ownership, within 5 days of intake without any fee or reimbursement for pet care.
  2. Stray animals will be listed for adoption 5 days after intake.
  3. If the owner wants to reclaim the animal after they are listed for adoption, the owner will be subject to our normal adoption process, which includes payment of the standard adoption fee ($175.00) and reimbursement for all medical treatment.